Sunday, 3 February 2013

Module 2 Chapter 8 (page 23)

Module 2 Chapter 8

My Collection of crinkled and curly leaves, flowers and plants...

 I sketched some of the flowers (above and below) using a soft pencil. They don't really show up on the scan very clearly.



The pencil sketching above was more successful than my previous attempts, mainly because I used much darker shading. This is an image that I might come back to use later on.


Paper Folding

Origami shapes

This shape (below) was made from a circle that folded into quarters
with 'fronds' cut into it. I twisted the top to hold the shape together into a cone shape.

Paper pod
This was inspired by the origami work of Rebecca Gieseking, but doesn't really look like the pods that she makes! I think that the shape has potential though  for being applied to fabric work.

 Mobeus Loops...

Paper Curling...


 I really like the shapes created by photographing the curled paper from above.


A Paper Lantern



Paper lantern made from Khadi paper and printed in green and bronze paint.

 More paper curling...


I think that this image also has a lot of potential for future use.
I really enjoyed the paper folding/manipulation and intend to use this to inspire future work. There are some experimental origami artists who have published patterns which would be interesting to study further, and then apply to textile projects.